Mother’s Ministry

The Mother’s Ministry is an important and valuable ministry of the church that should be occupied only by mature women of God. The maturity of members of the Mother’s Ministry is demonstrated by one essential quality – love. There is no room for women to occupy membership in this ministry without maturity in love. As the name of this ministry suggests the aim of members who occupy the position of spiritual mothers seek to carry out the objectives, which are to nurture, comfort, encourage and uplift the membership of our Christian family. You must keep in mind that you do not occupy this position to be admired or respected. You occupy this position to serve. And if you serve well, you will be admired and respected.

First, a mother should be a mature Christian. Maturity has nothing to do with longevity of membership, but with character of spirit, that has been developed through one’s obedience to God’s Word. Since this position offers spiritual guidance to the congregation, only a mature woman is qualified to occupy this important position. The qualities of discipline, wisdom and an openness to all members are qualities that reveal a mature Christian.

Titus 2:3 Older women likewise are to be reverent in their behavior, not malicious gossips nor enslaved to much wine, teaching what is good, (Tit 2:3 NAU)

This scripture illustrates the qualities needed in women who serve as members of the Mother’s Ministry.

· Reverent – sacred actions

· Not Malicious – this is the same word used for the devil who is a false accuser of the saints of God.

· Not Enslaved – held in bondage

· A Teacher – instructor

The same high and noble qualities that are sought in these women are qualities that are equally as important for women serving on this ministry.

Women serving on the Mother’s Ministry must possess a holy behavior.

· Women serving as mothers must be patient, slow to take offense, always ready for reconciliation and mindful of the rules of our Savior to secure them without delay.

· They must lend an ear toward listening and not emotionally responding to every disturbance in the church.

· Women of this ministry must cooperate with each other in the spirit of Christian love, and be able to handle disagreements in a manner that is not divisive.

· Mothers must be aware that your conduct and behavior is being continually observed by the membership, and your effectiveness as a mother will be determined by how you are perceived by the membership.

Women serving on the Mother’s Ministry must be sober. This refers to drunkenness, but I want you to understand that you must be sober in your thoughts. You cannot be drunk with power, anger, or any obsession that lowers the standards of this office.

Finally, a mother’s greatest gift is her ability to teach. Members of the Mother’s Ministry must demonstrate through their ability to teach and their godly example, knowledge of our Christian tradition and doctrine.

Through the godly examples of women of the Mother’s Ministry, God’s church can become a real family for those who are in need of a Christian family and a real place for all member’s to call home.

President: Sister Shirley Hutchings




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