Love's Attic

Love’s Attic


A place for need…Not greed

Love’s Attic is a ministry of the church created to assist:

  • those who are trying to re-establish their lives,
  • those who are trying to set up their homes with limited resources,
  • senior citizens with their needs,
  • those who are willing to share with other member of the church who may have an unexpected need but limited resources


This ministry exists to help members who are in need of items for their homes and are unable to purchase at the time of their move.  Love’s Attic is a ministry, which coordinate the surplus of people with a heart of love to give freely to those who are in need. 

The coordinator will schedule the pick-up of items from the giver and deliver them to the recipient.   Anonymity may be a factor.

There is not a cost to the recipient for the donated items.  The contributors do not charge.  However, the act is “priceless”.

For more information please contact the church office at 746-0422.


Let us not be found guilty of building bigger barns.  But let us be found guilty of sharing our abundance with those in need.



Coordinator: Lillie Jordan

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