Just A Word


I've decided to start this blog to simply share with you my personal thoughts about issues of concern that cannot always be expressed through bible study lessons or sermons.  This will be for me a kiind of catharsis that will allow for me to exhale a lot of thoughts that I hold so close to my heart. 

Every week i'll share with you my thoughts on current events, personal experiences, books that i'm reading and anything that strkes my fancy at the time.  Allow me this space if you will to be jazz - no rules, no method, no structure, just heart. Feel free to agree or disagree with my assessments.  Either way it goes its ok.  Just be kind and respectful. That's all I ask. 

I hope that this effort blesses you to bring more of your mind and heart into living your life.  But most of all,  I trust that this effort will exalt God so highly that all who read will be challenged to allow more of God's love to direct their lives, control their thoughts, and secure their hearts.  

Much love to you and yours,


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